Natalie Peters

Born and bred on the Cape Flats. My love for cooking started at the tender age of 9years old before I even know a career as a Chef existed. I love being in the kitchen with mum mom and grandma's helping them in the kitchen. At the age of  thirteen, I already started to explore flavours and dishes my mother never made lol. My first got was selling boerewors roll on the corner which was a major hit and I did it every week to help with pocket money. My love for food grew and I loved collecting food magazines. I did a government-sponsored entree-level Chef assistant course as there was no money to send me to any Chef school and after that started my own catering business at the age of 19. I knew as I came for a previously disadvantaged background I had to work hard to reach my dream. 


My business didn't do so well I was young and inexperienced and I went to search for work. Started working at The Mount Nelson hotel as a waiter with the hope of getting into the kitchen. I very quickly discovered that I needed to come from a Chef school to get into the kitchen. One night there was an event that Garth Stroebel and Paul Hartman also attended I heard they have a Chef school and I promised myself that one day I would go to their Chef school as they were both renowned top-class Chefs. 

After not seeing the light in the hospitality industry I got a job at the Department of labour as a skills development lecturer for previously disadvantaged teens after that I got a contract at Nestlé to run their Canteen. This is where I discovered that I'm good at Events management as they used me for all their Events. 


Finally, I  took a leap and enrolled at The South African Chefs Academy

( owned by Garth Stroebel and Paul Hartman ) and a world of opportunities opened up for me.


Later on, I went into food styling for magazines and video set styling for national TV for brands such as Woolworths, Clover, Sea harvest and so many others. 


I left and gave being an Entrepreneur another shot which landed me where I man today from a caterer to a Classicly French-trained Chef now a business owner in Food and Events and running under an umbrella of my business a little Street food adventure that was birth through Covid and lockdown restrictions.

"I believe that dreams do come true and hard work always pays off. "
Hot Gourmet Meal

Need a private dining experience curated for your special someone or esteemed guests?  Looking for something different with that creative touch. Contact me, Nats!